It started with a single samosa…

Mum started selling samosas from her newsagent 20 years ago. However, as much as she loved making the samosas and feeding customers, she had to stop to raise 3 kids & run her newsagent. Fast forward to 2019 and her children wanted to revive her love of making food hence Chilli Shaak was born.

Mother, Daughter-in-law, Son & a lot of history!

Our story of flavours started with our Ba and Dada (Grandma and Grandpa) in Uganda. Ba and Dada loved experimenting with different cooking techniques and blending both Ugandan and Indian cultures together. They too had a convenience store, just like my parents today.

As much as they loved it their, an unfortunate event occurred which meant they had to flee with four of their children and leave behind their beloved businesses and be torn apart from friends and family

When my Ba and Dada arrived in India they started a new life as farmers. My Dada would spend every hour of the day sowing seeds and cultivating the land for hours on end and my Ba would cook simple yet nutritious meals to sustain the whole family.

My mother, the eldest out of the four children made new friends and build bonds within the village. Year's went by and she then met my father and married.

After marriage my parents left India to better there lives and seek opportunities to prosper all future generations and therefore, 1981 was the next momentous year for us as that's the year we planted our roots into this country.

Like most Indians who arrived to the country they were met with both adversity and prosperity, with little to nothing to their names, my parents took on the roles of my Ba and Dada. My father would work long hours to ensure we had a roof over our heads and my mother would ensure sustenance of the family was maintained with teachings of my Ba and Dada on how to make amazing flavoursome dals, thepla, shaaks and samosas...etc

Years went by and going from job to job they decided to take a plunge and put an offer into a business in Brighton called Clyde News. With the loving nature of my parents, my mother would love making food and my father would offer samosas and curry's to customers to try (some of which we still sell now). The aroma and flavours of food my mother and my better-half now cook, is not just food to fulfil hunger, but reminders of the respect, admiration and appreciation of the hard work and heart ache our parents and grand parents have gone through.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repeat ♻️Made with love & generations of experience ❤️

Heated Tiffin Delivery

This hot, ready to eat delivery service in the evening on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 5:30 - 9:30pm.


Chilli Shaak offers a Heat@Home tiffin service, which is available every Friday for delivery between 12 - 6pm. Simply heat up at home when you're ready to eat!